Friday, January 25, 2008

Misuse of a banned drug

This refers to the news about the arrest of a supervisor of the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) for using the banned drug oxytocin. This drug is banned or available on doctor’s prescription in Panjab also. But the truth is that this drug is freely available in all the drug stores, especially in rural areas. The farmers and dairy farmers use it freely to take out milk from unwilling animals.

I have seen buffaloes shivering with fear on seeing the man approaching with a syringe. Admittedly, it is a harmonic drug and can reduce the age of attaining puberty, especially in females. What other ill effects it can have on the milk drinkers is not yet clear.

There is talk on the effect of diclofanic sodium on vultures. What about the oxytocin’s effect on these birds? Hormones are reported to have reduced the thickness of egg shells leading to non-hatching. Farmers are irresponsible and requests and warnings by the State Pollution Control Board have had no effect. Only stringent measures can bring about a change in the farmers’ mindset.


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